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Power Supply (2AMP)
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DC power supply to switch ON a mobile without battery. battery boosting, Electronics Lab etc..

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Technical Details:

? Input Supply : 230 V AC, 50 Hz, 1 Phase

? Output Voltage : 0~30V DC / 0~2 Amp. Continuous variable

? Protections : Input – Input is protected against Short circuit by fuse of appropriate rating

Output- Output is protected against Short Circuit, Over Load by fact acting solid estate circuitry.

? Metering : Digital Displays to display output voltage and current

? Ripple/Noise : 1mV rms 

DC Power Supply:Regulated DC (Direct Current ) power supply is used to supply DC current to a mobile .  Most repair person used DC power supply to switch ON a mobile without battery.

 Boosting , Electronics Lab etc.


·       Warranty : 6 Months