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IPA Dispenser
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·        New and High Quality

·        Polyethylene bottle is notchemically reactive

·        Purity pump to prevent backwash of contaminants into container





110cm * 55cm * 55 cm

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200 ml

Lab dispensing bottles are used to dispense solutions in a controlled capacity, including buffers, acids, bases, and sterile solutions. Available in a wide range of shapes and volume sizes, a dispensing bottle can be made of glass or plastic, and may be autoclavable. The bottles are produced in a variety of bottle top dispenser styles to prevent spills and evaporation, including captive (tethered) spouts with caps, flip spouts, which are raised and pressed to dispense fluids, pump dispensers for dispensing a measured amount of fluid using a plunger, and ribbon-spread caps, which dispense solutions in a free-flowing ribbon at a particular width. A dispenser bottle may be in single or variable volume styles, in which a dispensing cup slides up and down the bottle for setting specific volume amounts. Dispenser bottles are used to dispense solutions in specific amounts, and can be found in laboratories, as well as academic and clinical settings.