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Hot Air Blower
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Power Consumption 500 Watts Maximum
Operating Voltage AC 230 V
Air Volume  Upto 24 L/min
Temp. Range 150 – 500’C
  • High temperature and airflow adjustment range.
  • Extremely short air heating up time.
  • The air cools down the heating element continuously after use and therefore increases the lifetime of the heating element.

Digital SMD Rework Station (SSE-8508D):  DIGITAL SMD rework station. The ideal equipment for use in the laboratory and every workshop. SMD Rework Station, comes with most advanced and long life Temp. Controlled heating element and best quality copper winding air Diaphragm pump with a max. 24L/min air. It is very easy to handle and operate. The black coated housing is equipped with a practical carrying handle. Even a layman can use the station in a few minutes.Comes with three different nozzles, a lifting device for components(IC-Popper with a spare gripper), so that you can work without additional costs! Perfectly suitable for repairing BGA, connecting plastic, mobile phone speakers and other electronic components,