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Flux Pen/Dispenser
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They are low-cost and easy to use with replaceable tips and cartridge.The fine point nylon tip allows controlled application making it excellent forspot soldering on IC chips. All units sold in 4 packs which have a shelf lifeof 5 years. They are safe on plastics and do not deplete ozone. It is also RoHScompliant

The pen applicator is ideal for smooth and precise application of varied range of flux on conductive circuit traces. The flux used is non-corrosive, halide free and dries almost instantly at room temperature to minimize flux wastage.

It features a chiseled tip provides exact delivery of flux to surface. It is refillable flux applicator and has replaceable felt tip and cartridge. There are four compatible ranges of fluxnamely, Lead-Free Flux, Water soluble Flux, No Clean Flux and Rosin Flux.